Rihanna makes a bold statement in raunchy stripper t-shirt in New York – she forgot her bottoms

RiRi showed how self-obsessed she is by wearing a t-shirt of herself – in stripper gear – just in case we didn’t know she loved herself.


Rihanna was spotted dining out in the Chelsea

Rihanna likes to make a statement – and she does it often – usually by wearing very little.

But this time she cemented her controversial singer status by wearing a t-shirt of herself half-naked. Which is more or less the same thing – so well done, RiRi.


The star stepped out in raunchy t-shirt with a photograph of her in stripper gear from her sexed-up Pour It Up music video, in which she paid tribute to provocative dancers by wearing a waistband full of dollar bills, a diamante bra and long black gloves.

Rihanna was spotted dining out in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York in the top and little else after her Monster Tour performance with Eminem at Metlife Stadium.

She arrived along with her entourage to Cafeteria Restaurant at 2am after her show and teamed her top with a tiny black skirt, white trainers and plenty of jewellery.

Rihanna chose a dark maroon lipstick from her Mac collection for the night out and was seen in her stripper top earlier in the day walking around the streets of Manhattan.

The sexy image was taken from one of the singer’s most controversial videos which sees her sit on a huge gold thrown in a pair of stripper heels, throwing money about.

Meanwhile, she also posted possibly her most ridiculous image of herself on Instagram to date, wearing a see-through skirt, covered in stickers of cigarettes and the phrase “role model” – and, um, her hand down her pants. Classy girl.

It seems she’s going out of her way recently to shock – but this took it a little too far.


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