guess whose tripping for kim k

There’s just something rather juicy about hearing a married man swoon over the reality TV star


Professor Green has admitted that he was ‘astounded’ by Kim Kardashian’s beauty when he met her earlier this month.

The rapper, who is married to Millie Mackintosh, said him and his wife first laid their eyes on the reality TV star at Riccardo Tisci’s 40th Birthday party in Ibiza.

Talking to KISS FM UK backstage at V Festival, he said: “Millie was quite excited when she met Kim Kardashian, like really excited.Professor-Green-Kim-Kardashian1

“Kim’s gorgeous in real life, I mean in person I was astounded with her beauty. And Kim’s mum as well, she’s wicked, we met her in the hotel before the party and then a few hours afterwards. She was having a good time.”

Obviously Kimmy K is going to have that effect on people, but it’s always juicy news to hear a married man say it.

The 30-year-old chart topper also spoke about taking two years off from his career recently.

He said: “Two years between albums isn’t necessarily a long time but I guess the way people consume music nowadays it felt like I was gone forever. I’m just happy to have a job again. I feel employed as opposed to unemployed which I’ve felt for the last two years.”Millie-Mackintosh-and-Professor-Green

He continued “I was working hard in the studio but it’s nice to be doing stuff again and to be back out doing shows, with the tour in November/December time and with the album out in September. It’s nice.

“It means I can’t fill up my spare time with things I shouldn’t be doing so it keeps me out of trouble.

Let’s hope the hit maker doesn’t end up in the dog house for his confession.

We have a feeling that he might already be in his wife’s bad books after uploading a video of her sleeping onto Instagram.

In the short clip, the Made in Chelsea star tells her husband where to go after he tries to wake her.



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