See Why This Man Killed His Parents And Ate Them For Dinner


As weird stories go, so do weird parents, a man from China is currently on trial for the gruesome and brutal murder of his father and mother.

30-year-old Chau Hoi-leung had been living off his parents all his life and they never hesitated to give him whatever he wanted.

However, they eventually got tired of bankrolling his extravagant lifestyle and they told him to get a job.

his-mother-cooked-rice-pulse-ng his-father-cooked-rice-pulse-ng

This got the suspect angry and he deceptively invited his parents for lunch at him home only to butcher them with the assistance of his 36-year-old friend Tse Chun-kei.

The duo chopped Chau Wing-ki, 65, and Siu Yuet-yee, 62, into pieces and cooked them with rice.

The crime was discovered when police went looking for clues in the suspect’s house and found his parents’ heads in the fridge.

The two men are being tried for murder and the prosecution is seeking a full conviction.



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