1D Zayn Malik heartbreak as his tiny cousin with brain tumour fights for her life


The Malik family faces an agonising wait as three-year-old Arshiya is given a 1% chance of survival and doctors say there’s nothing more they can do
Zayn stays silent as well wishers pray for Arshiya

Heartbroken Zayn Malik’s three-year-old cousin is fighting for her life in intensive care.

Little Arshiya Malik has been placed on life support after undergoing a brain tumour operation where she was given just a 1per cent chance of survival.

The One Direction star has so far stayed silent on Twitter, despite being inundated by thousands of messages offering prayers for her recovery under the hashtag #PrayForArshiya.Liam-Payne

Now, the family has been dealt a fresh blow after doctors broke the devastating news that there’s nothing more they can do.

His cousin Aaroosha, 17, wrote on Instagram: “Please can everyone pray for ­Arshiya as much as you can as her MRI scan didn’t come out good

“Doctors are saying there’s nothing they can do and have put her on life support machines now.”

Meanwhile Zayn’s Muslim family, including his 23-year-old sister Doniya, continued to beg fans for prayers – called “dua” in Arabi

Doniya wrote: “Thank you every1 hu did dua for arshiya, but she still need ur duas. She had 1% chance! Just shows there is a god and prayers work.”

Zayn, who jetted off with 1D to New Jersey on Monday as his tiny cousin underwent surgery, will feel a long way from home as the band performed to 80,000 fans.

As the next few days prove critical, the family is now pinning its hopes that a miracle could save the Bradford youngster.


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