BBM Surfaces On Windows Phone Store As Private Beta

We know BBM was supposed to be out on Windows Phone last  month, but seems users have to wait a little bit longer. But if the most recent development is any indication, it could be anything from a few hours to a few weeks from now. Not too long, even unconfirmed, mega Online Shopping companies in Nigeria have started fisting on this rumour – we should expect a surge in sales for windows devices as people in this part of Africa have a strong love for Nokia devices that now run on Windows OS.bbm-windows-phone


A private beta version of BBM has surfaced on the Windows Phone store, with support for both WP 8 and WP 8.1. Unlike this paid counterfeit, this one seems legit as it was published by “Blackberry Limited”, the official developer name Blackberry uses in 3rd party app stores. The only snag now is that you can’t download it.

How private betas work on the Windows Phone store is your Microsoft ID has to be included in testers’ list for you to be able to download. My guess is that it has either been published ahead of a forthcoming public beta programme or has been in private beta testing for a while now. If the latter guess is spot on, BBM for Windows Phone should go public within a few hours to a few days from now. However, should my former guess hold true, you might want to sign up for Blackberry Beta Zone now, if you haven’t already, for a chance to be among the first to test BBM for Windows Phone. But this could probably spell a late July arrival for BBM on Windows Phone. There are some unconfirmed reports it has a feel of the new BB 10 series like Blackberry Z30, Z10, Q10 and so as well as the unique windows 8 look with is fantastic but in truth, I honestly doubt. I believe Blackberry will stick to its usual designs as it applied in Apple and Android devices.

Update – To confirm what I earlier said, the link has now been confirmed as real and there will be more details on how Windows users can take part in an external beta coming up soon via the BBM Blog.
Unfortunately, it’s not confirmed to be legit even though it was added by BlackBerry Limited (the name BlackBerry uses for all apps published) and given it’s marked as beta, the download access has also been limited, and meaning only those with special invites can download and use the app. There’s no way to sign up for access either, in case you were wondering.

Windows Phone Central reported earlier that Windows Phone UI elements, while preserving the familiar BBM design but again, as it’s still listed as a beta, BlackBerry was quite smart to hide any screenshots of the app so as to not reveal too much of the Windows Phone version before they were good and ready. Know anyone on Windows Phone who will be looking to download BBM as soon as it’s available? Seems some folks at WP Central are excited. But I will advise Window phones fans not to get too excited – remember how Samsung used the BBM coming to Samsung galaxy s4 phones and so on? I joined many blackberry users to ditch the phone for a Samsung devices and we had to wait for over 2 months before its real launch.


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