10 Things UNILAG Girls Have That Other Girls Do Not


ok i saw this and had to post it
1. The self-confidence to say “no.” Other Girls do things they don’t want to because they don’t want to appear unlikeable by saying no. Unilag girls just say “thanks but no thanks” and move on with their lives.

2. The self-respect not to need attention all the time. Insecure girls may use social media primarily for attention seeking behavior, but Unilag girls don’t need to. They are just living their lives how they want to, not fishing for your approval.

3. The knowledge of what makes them sexy. When girls become sexually active, they often feel uncomfortable talking about it with their bf until their relationship grow up more. Unilag girls know what they like because they aren’t too shy to experiment and they can communicate that to their bf ( majority don’t do unilag guys ). They don’t feel silly or like they are playing dress up, they know sexuality is a natural part of themselves, and a healthy part of their relationships.

4. Passion for her future. When you’re young the future can be scary so it’s anxiety inducing to plan for it, or else it just seems boring when there are shinier balls to chase. Unilag girls can live both gravity and grace — enjoy the moment while ensuring their future is not going to be fucked because of today’s actions, while using us to do handbag bf, they have a real maga as future backup.

5. Friends who are friends, not competition. A very easy way to tell the difference between a Unilag girls and a random girl is how she feels about the success of others. Is she jealous and intimidated? Or does she wish success upon everyone? Does she slam the door shut behind her when she achieves something? Or hold it open for those who are coming behind her?

6. A partner she is with because she wants to be, not because she needs to be. Girls are afraid to be single. Unilag girls know their worth and that if they want a partner, they will be able to find one but it’s best not to be with someone who makes you insane in the meantime. Unilag girls don’t get in public screaming fights with their boyfriends. They don’t date people who do that. They don’t need to. They know their worth and they know the slogan “plenty fish dey Ocean” applicable to guys also.

7. The confidence to task a guy. Females are taught not to ask for too much lest they appear greedy. But Unilag girls apparently do not adhere to that, if they can satisfy your physical desires, you should be able to satisfy their needs which is majorly material needs.

8. The ability to solve her own problems. A sugarDad or bf doesn’t need to come to the rescue, neither does a knight in shinning armor. A Unilag girls just needs her own capable brain — and Google, to be honest.

9. A hobby she loves, that isn’t just watching the Kardashians. There’s nothing wrong with seeing a great Movie at Ozone, but Unilag girls want their lives to be about something bigger than just feeling passively entertained until you die.

10. The feeling of being a student of life. Early on a girl might get upset when everything doesn’t happen perfectly but growing up you realize that life is not hit or miss, it’s a process. Mistakes are valuable — you learn from them. You want to make them, it means you are trying. Trust me Unilag girls get to know this before they graduate coz they learn (harder way tho).



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