Tiwa Savage Is Not My Rival-Seyi Shay


In a chat with the Punch, Oluwaseyi Joshua, aka. Seyi Shay talks about creating an identity for herself in the music industry and her rivalry with Tiwa savage..
Read excerpts interview……

“I think the hardest thing is finding your identity. It took me two years to come up with Murda. Murda recently knocked Dorobucci off the top spot on the Naija Top 20 list. I never imagined having a song that would do that to a Don Jazzy song. But it happened. It took two years to achieve this, but it happened. This means that my dual identity in that video and song are obvious. Music fans have begun to identify with me.”

On Tiwa Savage

“I think people can see the difference between us now. The reason I don’t see Tiwa as a rival is because I know who I am. I know that I’m very much a fun-loving person. I’m still the woman of the world that many people know. I really don’t care about the things that are not going to affect me in a positive way. If it’s not going to affect me in a positive way, I don’t focus on it or think about it.

“The difference is that I am deeper into the ragga stuff than she is. She portrays herself as somebody that is a cautious RnB artist, which she is. But I see myself as a commercial and carefree spirit. I don’t know her to that extent, so I can’t really speak about her. But I feel that Murda is my vibe and her vibe is her vibe.”


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