I lost my virginity!!!WHERE NEXT? REHAB?

Hey Readers,
Just couldn’t sleep and was informed to write up a lesson teaching loss of virginity, there was no better view I could have gone but through the female view, its quite lengthy but its worth reading and remember drop a comment.

black girl

So when i was 11 years old in jss1 i met a boy named Tope. We became friends but not really close friends. As the school year went on i became friends with different people so me and Tope rarely spoke. He was a little player and all of the fast tail girls loved them some Tope. Over the next two years (jss2 and jss3 12 and 13 years old) we started becoming closer and closer to where we did NOTHING without each other and of course his girlfriends got jealous and this always caused problems in his little relationships. 6 Days of a week we’d be together. We’d hang out after school, at the mall, at the harbor, downtown or at one an others house. We were best friends. On weeknights when it was time to get off of the phone we’d both sneak on it anyways. We’d do NOTHING alone. If i was in the shower he’s take his shower with me on the other end of the phone so we wouldn’t miss each other during the process.
After we graduated from jss3, that summer with him was pure bliss. He steals his dad’s car at 3am and we’d joyride. Lmfao. Could you imagine seeing a 13 yr old pulling up next to you in a cool Lexus truck at 3am!? I used to get SO turned on by seeing him drive so good as he did. Now that i think back on it we did some pretty dangerous stuff. We’d talk on the phone until one of our phones went dead or until one of us fell asleep and even then we’d still be on the phone. At 8am (when my mom and dad left for work) I’d wake up and scream into the phone waking him up and telling him to come over my house. He’d get straight out of bed, grab his tooth brush and come to my house. (we lived 3 or 4 minutes apart) We’d both lay in my bed and go to sleep until about 12noon. (we were always tired from those late night conversations) Whoever woke up first, woke the other. We’d make breakfast and eat. Then we’d get on the computer, jump on the trampoline, play ps2, listen to music, watch t.v., or do whatever our young hearts told us was fun.

I always wanted to have sex with him but my friends always talked about their sexual experiences and how guys treated them so badly afterwards. But Tope was different…after all we were best friends. He told me that he was a jerk to girls after he got what he wanted from them but then again he wasn’t emotionally attached to them like he was to me. He’d put me before his guy friends, sisters, some family members and all of his girlfriends.black girl2

This particular day was different though. We did our normal morning thing, when i woke up i saw that he had a hard on. I said “OMGosh TOPE!” He woke up and saw me looking. He was embarrassed but i was turned on. I laughed and he laughed. When i saw him laughing i just stopped and looked. As soon as he saw me looking i kissed him. He was surprised but we made out for about 10 minutes. I started reaching for his pajama pants and he grabbed my arm and asked me if i was sure i wanted to do this. Right then and there was when i knew that this was the guy i wanted to give my purity to. I said yes, jumped out of bed and ran into my sisters room to get some condoms. (she was 19 and left early to work) When i got back to my room he put a condom on and we had sex. It didn’t hurt like my friends said it would. It started feeling good about 3 minutes into it. We tried different positions and for my first time i think i did good. It wasn’t uncomfortable or anything. I was totally comfortable being naked around him and doing what i did. When i wanted to do oral on him he wouldn’t let me because he said that he only let the nasty girls who he lacked respect for do that and he felt that only someone whom he didn’t care about should do that…but he did oral on me…so until this day i don’t understand that part. Well after giving me about 2 or 3 orgasms and me giving him about 3 or 4 orgasms, it was about 4:30. We let that much time fly past and my mom usually gets home around 4:30-5:00. So i jumped up and told him he had to go and to call me when he got in the house. He called and we took showers. Around 6 o’clock we got permission from parents and went outside. We sat on a primary school playground listening to my iPod on the swings. We’d make out for about 5 minutes every hour. We mainly sat in silence listening to music and i enjoyed every minute of it until about 9 o’clock. (my 13 year old curfew)

We continued doing the same every day thing and we had sex probably twice a week. I moved away into the city that August so we went to different high school.
We are both 17 now and we still talk and are still close. We don’t have sex anymore because i have a boyfriend and he has a girlfriend but we both agreed that we’d always put each other before ANYONE…two weeks later I am wanting him probably going crazy because he doesn’t want me anymore WHERE NEXT? REHAB? if you were in his/her shoe(s) what would you do?


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