85 Nigerians Jailed In Abidjan


According to Nigeria’s Ambassador to Cote D’Ivoire, Ifeoma Akabogu Chinwuba, majority of them are in detention for charges bothering on drug, money laundering and human trafficking,
Akabogu-Chinwuba told NAN in Abidjan on Tuesday 15 July that an official list from the prison authorities showed that there were 85 Nigerians in detention.

“But during our last consular visit to the prison in Abidjan, we were able to see about 70 of them instead of the 85 on the list.

“Majority of those on the list are awaiting trial, most of them are detained for charges bothering on drug, money laundering and human trafficking,”
“Our duty as an embassy is to protect the rights of our citizens, so within the limits of the law, we are doing that,” she said.

Akabogu-Chinwuba called on Nigerians residing or doing business in Cote d’Ivoire, to avoid being involved in acts to would ridicule Nigeria’s reputation.

“It is not a good testimony to hear that our citizens are either in prison or detained for criminal acts; we need to be good ambassadors of our country.

“As Nigerians, we need to engage in legitimate businesses, we need to protect the image of our country,” she said.

Most of them may be victims of hate crime but who will rescue them in another man’s land. It is time we Nigerians stop running from our father land.

May God help them.


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