……. cloths and there in the sitting room they had crazy sex…which made her sore for days…that was d beginning of the end for moyin.
That was how moyin and muna started dating….Moyin felt lyk a star….she finally got her prey. Muna lavished her with love money and sex what a great moment they had…their love making made her bring the roof down (literally)..she would moan in ecstasy which started disturbing people around. She even stop having a string of boyfriends and stuck with muna. Moyin felt on top of the world and when muna asked her to marry him and move in with him she was ecstatic,little did she know what she was going into…There her troubles began. He all of a sudden started keeping lots of girl friends claiming dey where just ‘friends’ when she had caught him in bed with so many ladies..but she overlooked it because she thought he wanted to have his fun before they got married(ode..rite)..she even gave up her ways to stick with him.
One day she went to visit her friend ore , while they were gisting, ore brought up the matter of muna and how he sleeps around and told moyin to complain about it and stand up for her right and stop behaving like a ‘sugomu’.Moyin was happy with what her friend told her and she said she would work on it.
For the next two weeks muna was showering her with love,kisses,money everything she wanted…he treated her like a queen and she was happy. Until one day moyin heard moaning coming from her bedroom when she entered the room she caught muna in bed having sex with Tina( nawa 4 una cousin level o) that was when she sparked . She started shouting at him when all of a sudden he gave her a big blow on the face that made her faint and continued giving tina d ‘soundtrack’.
Moyin woke up on the floor to meet tina and muna smuggling on d bed….moyin quickly stood up and called ore to come and take her to the hospital.
The next day she went back to muna house and that how muna turned her into a punching bag….everyday immediately he comes from work and has eaten he calls moyin dey have wonderful bedtime den beat her up…it continued lyk dis dt moyin became use 2 it…dat she became sick nytym muna didn’t beat her (shey na jazz).
Her miracle came wen her friend ore came 2 see her and saw her bruises. she resolved 2 take her away 4rm muna by force…took her 2 d hospital to treat her wound,there she discovered she was 2 months pregnant and living with HIV…(Yepa..) She contracted HIV 4rm muna .
Ore went 2 muna’s house 2 give him a piece of her mind. She got 2 d house and saw dat noe one was living dere again. She went back home and told moyin all she discovered. Moyin den said they should both go see his parents dat she has not been dere before but muna told her how 2 get dere .
So the next day ore and moyin went 2 muna’s village 2 look 4 muna’s parents…on getting 2 muna’s parent house…dey where welcomed warmly. Moyin den told dem she was looking 4 muna wen his mother burst into tears saying muna died years ago….moyin started wailing dat she is pregnant 4 a ghost ….When muna’s mum told her she was not the only one…..she has had five girls come 2 her with the same claim..and she is taking care of them…..that was how moyin fainted.
Wat a sad ending 2 moyin…she has HIV and pregnant 4 a ghost …..my only words 2 moyin would be….’Karma’s a bitch’


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