Just as the video of rihanna’s hit song goes ‘we found love’….that is what u would call d the theme song to Moyin’s life.
Moyin is what you call every man’s dream….nice ass,lovely set of boobs,tiny waist ….a figure to die for. Guys want 2 date her girls want 2 be her. Moyin is a 200level student in d one and only unilag studying medicine she is one of d ‘happening babes’ on campus.

She is wat u call a ‘playa!!!’….using guyz,dumping guyz etc and yet boys still fall for her…jesus….some guys even spend their life savings to please her….one guy called jide even stole from his poor,sick parents just to take her on a date to yellow chilli one top class restaurant on d island like this(chai!!!…d place expensive o!)…anyways cutting d long story short after the date d girl dumped him and immediately he received a text telling him say hin papa don die of heart attack cause say the money wey hin steal from the papa na for treatment…..(See sad story pity the boy mehn)
Moyin continued like dis until she met Muna!!!!..chai see fine boy :D!!!…six pack,tall,dark,fine!!!.has british accent and on top all rich. Mehn dis guy just blows money anyhow he fit dash beggar on the street #20,000 hmmm.index2

Moyin spotted him with some guys at palms, then one of her friends(tina) went to hug him it turned out that muna is tina’s cousin. Moyin was hooked like a fish when she saw him den when she heard his voice she just melted…there and then she resulted to have him by force and she thought it would be easy sef na! who didn’t want moyin…
She decided 2 find out everything she could about Muna…she even made tina her bbf(lie!) They even use to do parols 2geda now. One day at a club she saw him grinding a babe. Moyin just went 2 ‘bounce’ d babe off him willingly the girl way no want trouble left. she started dancing with Muna, muna just went to look for the babe wey moyin bounce…chai! see disgrace 4 moyin still she was determined she went again to look for Muna. Again she bounce the babe and started giving muna ass, putting his hand all over her body..see grinds omo all d guys in the club were wishing it was them o!..Muna just left her and went to sit down…omo see the way people shouted ye!!!! Moyin left the club in disgrace but more determined than ever. Soon moyin started stalking muna,and muna did as if he did not send her sef!. even when she came to his room stake naked(chai!!see dulling boy) he sent her out of his room…even everybody in school knew how she was chasing the boy like a dog, even tina went to beg her to forget about muna that its was spoiling her reps but she didn’t listen..
One night came when Moyin was already giving up on muna small small…she was coming back from a lecture she just fainted on the road and Muna’s car happened to be passing by. Immediately he took her to the hospital and the doctor said she fainted because she had not been eating thereby causing ulcer. Muna then decided to take her home and monitor her progress since he didn’t know any of her family members and her friends would not be able to take care of her well. She started living with him and stayed in the guest house of his apartment (this time moyin had no hidden agenda and had gone back to her ‘playa’ lifestyle) .
One very cool evening muna came home very drunk…he went into the sitting room then he spotted moyin in bum shorts and a tube blouse exposing a wonderful set of cleavage…which he was just staring at wen she told him she’s living d house and she just wanted 2 thank him for taking care of her. He said alright, just as Moyin was about to hug him, muna just grab her ass and stared kissing her….in turn moyin responded well to his kisses when all of a sudden he carried her on top of the cabinet, removed her………….

*Watch out for part two*


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