Nigerian soldiers got angry and began to destroy BRT buses along Ikorodu Road in Lagos as one of the buses hit and killed another soldier this morning, July 4.

According to witnesses, an unidentified soldier was riding a bicycle to work when the BRT bus knocked him down at the Palmgrove bus stop.

It was gathered that an alert was sent immediately to soldiers at the Abalti Barrack. Thus, the road at Palmgrove was blocked by the soldiers as they began to vandalise every BRT in sight, causing a massive traffic.

The drivers abandoned their buses as angry soldiers began setting the buses on fire. Not less than four buses have been burnt down.

It was gathered that journalists, who attempted to take photos, were severely beaten by the soldiers, who belonged to an outfit called “OP MESA”. The newsmen had to be rushed to a hospital. Some other pedestrians, who were making calls with their phones or even just holding the phone in sight, were slapped and kicked. Their phones were either seized or damaged.

According to sources, at least 80 soldiers were on the road between Onipanu and Palmgrove. Pedestrians were required to raise their two hands as they passed to avoid being beaten by the soldiers.

See the photos of damaged BRT buses below:


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