Guess what gift khole got from French Montana


Recent dramas were brushed aside on Thursday evening as French Montana reportedly gave rumoured girlfriend Khloe Kardashian a lavish early 30th birthday present.

The pair were centre of attention at a celebratory bash thrown at the upmarket Don Coqui restaurant on City Island in The Bronx, New York City.

Accompanied by a large group of friends and family members – amongst them Kris Jenner and rapper P. Diddy – the pair were hand in hand and seemingly smitten as they ventured outside at 1am.

Retailing at around £29,010 ($49,372) the 4×4 vehicle proved to be a measure of Montana’s feelings for Khloe.

Sporting a little black dress and white wrap, Khloe had good company on the night in French, mom Kris and sisters Kim, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie.

The entire group stood on the steps of the New York eatery sipping champagne while Khloe accepted her surprise gift.

P.Diddy, who owns property in New York City, was also present on the night – and he appeared to be in high spirits, greeting onlookers and party-goers with a buoyant salute shortly after arriving.

The party came just hours after Montana pleaded guilty to driving a Rolls Royce without a license through the city.

Here are some pics from the event.

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