Iggy shows hot abbs


She’s quickly gaining traction as the hottest new addition to the music industry.

And Iggy Azalea pulled off yet another win as she showcased her epic abs in her latest music video – a collaboration with T.I.

The track, entitled No Mediocre, features the 24-year-old Australian shaking her booty in Brazil with her new bad-boy rapper friend.

The blonde bombshell shows exactly what she’s made of in tiny blue denim shorts and a barely-there dash of fabric covering her chest.


Her tanned, washboard tummy takes centrestage as she shows off her dance moves alongside the slightly less co-ordinated T.I.

Lyrically, the track opens with T.I. – who is married to former Xscape singer Tiny – setting out his rather graphic ‘standards’ when it comes to selecting his women.


He won’t take anything that’s ‘mediocre’, he says, listing things like failing to wax where it counts and not wearing heels as red flags for him.


Iggy later comes in to present herself as the ultimate ‘bad b*****’ that T.I. is looking for.

When the Director X helmed video opens, T.I. is dressed in a relatively dorky polo as he reminds an outrageously hot Brazilian girl in a sexy black bathing suit that he ‘don’t want no mediocre’.


The 33-year-old rapper then appears to hit the favelas, dressed in all black as he strolls with the utmost swagger through the dusty concrete alleys to try his luck with more beautiful women.


The mood changes when Iggy takes over, shaking her booty in tiny denim shorts and showing off her insanely ripped abs.


The leggy Australian blonde shimmies in the middle of what seems to be a street party, with T.I. appearing to have legitimate issues keeping up with her slick moves.


Later, T.I. finds himself waking up in the morning in a room with a view full of four impossibly good looking women who all happen to be writhing all over each other – and him.


Appropriately, the video ends with T.I. grabbing the bikini clad brunette by the hair and leading her away over his shoulder.

With Iggy’s already solidified position as a strong woman on the music scene, she somehow manages to get away with being part of such an awkwardly misogynistic project – if you’re not listening to the lyrics.


It looks like Iggy was just repaying the favour, since T.I. has featured on a couple of her tracks in the past including Murda Bizness and Hustle Gang.

T.I. recently claimed that he actually intends for his new music to be a positive influence on women.

‘For me I think it was something to uplift women,’ he told MTV. ‘Its a get-your-s***-together-type of record.’


Whatever that means in real life.

Meanwhile, T.I. could face another slap of legal action to add to his collection after threatening Azealia Banks via a graphic and profanity-riddled Instagram post because she called his wife, Tiny, ‘meth face’.


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