The evolution of the naked dress


When Rihanna stepped out in her Adam Selman gown at the CFDA Fashion Awards this week, she joined the ranks of “naked dress”-wearing celebrities. It’s a very particular group of women wearing dresses not just to show off one of their assets (J.Lo’s plunging cleavage in that green gown at the 2000 Grammys? Child’s play…) but all of their bodies at once. Here, we celebrate some of the world’s most fearless female celebs in all their body-baring glory. Here is a list of top five celebs that has worn the naked dress.
        Kate moss and Naomi Campbell


       Tony braxton


                 Iggy Azaelia


             Austin coco


Then to the celeb who has been trending and who wore it of recently. I think she wore has better and sexier



So as you can see the naked dress isn’t new or something we have not seen before but queen RiRi definitely made it more popular.
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2 thoughts on “The evolution of the naked dress”

  1. Great post!! Riri has definitely topped them all, and I think she has made the greatest splash and impact as well 🙂

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