Cheryl cole’s new tattoo


She shocked millions when she unveiled her graphic rose detail tattoo on her Instagram in full glory, which stretches from her lower back to her pert posterior.

But Cheryl Cole only gave fans a limited peak at her body art work as she left Kiss100FM radio studios in London on Friday.

As the stunning brunette lowered herself into her waiting car the red and black floral design could be seen peeking above her dark skinny jeans, but was mostly kept under wraps. 


Covering up in ripped skinny jeans that were torn at the knee, the petite singer paired her white crop top with a leather fringed jacket, which parted to reveal her toned tummy.

The 5ft 2 inch star accessorised her look with dalmatian print stilettos and round mirrored sunglasses, which emphasised her trademark dimples.

It seemed as though she is kicking off the promotional trail for her new single, which fans can hear on the radio from Monday.


Her album has collaborations with artist like tinie tempah and other popular acts but what really caused the wow was her tattoo


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