5 fragrance for summer (men)

Eau For Summer
Summer might be the time to shop for shades, shorts and sunscreen but it’s also the perfect time to grab yourself a new fragrance. And I’m not just saying that to make you buy another bottle of the smelly stuff: there are some very good reasons for switching to a different, lighter scent as the mercury rises.

Fragrance reacts quite differently in heat (it intensifies and disperses faster for starters) meaning that some heavier scents tend to become a little overpowering. What’s more, when it’s hot outside we generally want to smell – and feel – clean and fresh, which is hard to do when you’re reeking of musk, vanilla or amber but much easier if you smell like a Sicilian lemon grove.

Question is: what to wear? Well, here are 5 fragrances worthy of your hard-earned cash. Some are summer variants of established classics, others just happen to be perfectly suited to warm weather – all are fantastic.

4711 Cologne
It may not have the greatest staying power in the world once on the skin but it beats almost every other scent on the market in terms of longevity as an actual fragrance.

Created back in 1792, it’s a superbly fresh blend of citrus fruits and aromatic herbs like rosemary and lavender. Buy the dinky 25ml bottle if you can find it, keep with you at all times and reapply often:


Atkinson’s ’24 Old Bond St’ Eau De Cologne
The signature fragrance of London’s famous perfumer, this fragrance is 100 per cent sexier than most traditional colognes.

Light and aromatic to begin with, it develops into something infinitely more sensual thanks to notes of juniper, rose, black tea and a delightfully leathery finish. Ideal for sultry summer nights:


Eau Sauvage By Christian Dior
Launched in 1966, Christian Dior’s wonderfully fresh Eau Sauvage, bursting with zingy citrus notes and rounded out with warm woody ones, is a great fragrance whatever the time of year – but it’s especially good in summer when the heat intensifies both its crispness and sensuality.

“It’s a fragrance that’s refreshing, chic and always impresses – without even having to try,” says British perfumer Roja Dove:


Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Eau Fraîche Body Splash
People salivate over Tom Ford’s acclaimed unisex fragrance, and with good reason: beautifully balanced (and bottled) this delightful blend of lemon, mandarin, myrtle and Egyptian jasmine perfectly captures the essence of summer.

The eau de parfum spray is great but this lighter splash is the perfect all-over tonic:


Acqua di Parma Colonia
An exquisite blend of zingy citrus fruits coupled with lavender, rosemary, sandalwood and patchouli, Colonia remains Acqua di Parma’s best and most versatile fragrance.

It’s never dated and is fantastically versatile, being just as appropriate for a warm July night in New York as it is for a daytime trek around a Greek island:



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