Global countdown (US)

Here are the top five tunes that rocked the airwaves on TV and radio. Good music for you guys so get your headsets on and enjoy nice tunes guaranteed to make you dance, think and have fun.

1. Pills and potions- Nicki minaj


Queen of rap Nicki minaj has dropped a new single from her upcoming album. The song is  real as she pours everything out love,respect .Nicki sure knows how to entertain and express her true feelings shows why she’s on top of the female rap game.
Download and enjoy

2. Usher – Good kisser


Its usher baby!! Usher knows how to give the ladies want they want with his smooth voice and appeal his got the ladies looking for good kissers .

3. Aloe blacc- man


Now this is a song that gets everyone going, not in a hippy way but like motivational way. His got everyone hooked to him with his chorus personally I think aloe blacc is the man.
Download and enjoy

4. Iggy Azaela ft Charli XcX- Fancy


Iggy is one female rapper climbing her way to the top. She features Charlie XcX on this. This tune is nice girly and fancy the production is tight and fancy has enjoyed massive airplay on TV and radio.
Download and enjoy

5. Major lazer ft pharrerll- Aerosol can


Major lazer drops another hit after “watch out for this”. Pharrell seems to turn every joint to a hit nowadays. Pharrell showed off his rap skills showing his one talented artist and a fashionista too.
Download and enjoy

Hope you guys enjoy these tunes bet its gonna be on repeat and on your playlists.


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